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Environmental Construction Ltd has over 15 years’ experience working in the construction and environmental sector. Environmental Construction Ltd began working within the construction and civil engineering industry then entering the environmental sector through pollution control. We have gained our experience by working alongside a spill response company dealing with all types of pollution spills ranging from oil to chemicals. Being part of a spill response team we could see the detrimental damage it causes the environment and the costs of remediation to the client. With this in mind we began to concentrate on the prevention of a spill through secondary containment. In our opinion this was the best way to approach this type of work as we now have vast experience, and knowledge of how to prevent a spill from occurring, combining this with our construction experience, we can design and construct a bespoke secondary containment suitable for your site’s needs.

Environmental Construction has worked with all types of companies and businesses ranging from insurance, private and utility companies and also within the public sector. Not just carrying out environmental based projects but all types of construction and civil works.





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