Bund Repair

Bund-Repair-1It is important to maintain the integrity of the bund otherwise it will be deemed not fit for purpose. Checks need to be made and maintenance carried out regularly. The most common problems are cracks in the brickwork through subsistence of the ground, accidental damage or through ageing. This can give you a false sense of security by thinking the pollution is contained within the bund but in reality it is leaking through the defects in the walls and contaminating the ground, leaving you with the possibilities of financing a spill clean-up which can be very costly and damaging to the environment. If we are able to repair a bund we will, saving you the client the expense of renewing, but this is not always practicable.


Bund Reline

We begin by removing all debris from within the bund and clean the walls and floor by using de-greaser and a powerful  jet wash. Once all walls and floor are free from contamination we scarify them to remove any contamination that has penetrated the brickwork or concrete. bund-lining-diagramBy doing this it also creates a better surface for future covering. We will then jetwash again to remove any dust created from scarifying and proceed to repair all cracks in walls and floor. We achieve the repair by chasing out the cracks and re point using a specialist mortar. Once confident all repairs have been made we then install a fillet to the wall/floor joint. The final phase of the reline is to cover the walls and floor using an epoxy resin coating.



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